Cream Soda Ice Cream Is An Irresistible Treat

What do you reach for when you want something sweet to eat? Each of us likely have our own favorite but something that seems to be universally accepted as a great treat is ice cream. Not only is it delicious and it comes in many different flavors, it is also one of the easier sweet treats to prepare. If you are ready to take your ice cream to the next level, this recipe is for you.

With this recipe, you can turn any type of soda into an ice cream and make it within just a few minutes. In fact, this recipe is so easy that it is something you will come back to, over and over again. Imagine being able to customize ice cream with root beer, cream soda or any beverage you enjoy? Share this one with someone you love.



2 cups heavy cream
1-14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

1 cup cream soda
(Optional) red or pink food coloring


Start by freezing a mixing bowl for at least an hour. The colder your bowl, the better!

Add heavy cream and whisk on high until it forms stiff peaks.

Fold in sweetened condensed milk (don’t over mix).

Fold in cream soda (or other soda you are using) and then add food coloring if you choose.

Place in a freezer safe, airtight bowl for at least 4-6 hours. Scoop and enjoy!