These Wine Fruit Snacks Will Satisfy The Child In You With An Adult Treat


Do you remember the days when you were young and it seemed as if there was nothing quite as good as a fruit snack. For many of us, it is a nostalgic treat that we just can’t seem to get enough of, but we don’t often indulge ourselves in this type of snack. If you are someone who has outgrown the old fruit snacks but not the fun of this treat, this recipe is for you.

When it comes to fun adult snacks, this one is at the lead of the list. The recipe is for wine fruit snacks and it is going to keep you smiling for a very long time. This recipe is easy to make and once you try them, you will admit there is nothing better.



1 cup wine4 Tbsp gelatin1/2 tsp stevia (optional)2 -4 Tbsp maple syrup

In a saucepan, warm the wine on low heat. Add the gelatin one teaspoon at a time. Stir until dissolved.

After the gelatin has completely dissolved, add the stevia and maple syrup to your desired sweetness.

Carefully pour the mixture into the mold or pan.

Place them in the fridge to set.