You Are Going to Love Snacking With These Flower Pretzel Bites

If there’s one thing that most people enjoy doing, it’s having a little snack in the middle of the afternoon. If you are somebody that enjoys snacking, it’s time to put together this simple treat that is going to make your fun even better. The recipe is for flower pretzel bites and they are colorful, simple and perfectly delicious.

Most people will make a tray of these for their family but don’t forget that your children can get involved in making these as well. It makes the treats a lot more fun to create and when you eat them, they will have that little extra fun to them as well.



White Wilton candy melts
Easter/pastel M&M’s


Arrange pretzels on a baking sheet or paper plate. Place a candy melt in the center of each pretzel.

Microwave until soft, but not runny (if using paper plate) OR if placing on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 4-5 minutes or until the chocolate is soft.

Immediately place one M&M into the center, then six more M&M’s around the center for the flower petals. Work quickly. Refrigerate/freeze pretzel bites until solidified. Eat or package treats as gifts.

TIP: Keep the “M” side of the M&M’s down for better looking flowers. You may also need to overlap them slightly on a regular shaped pretzel.