Homemade Candy Pecan Recipe

Every year when Christmas comes around, it seems as if my sweet tooth grows muscles of steel! If you have a sweet tooth, it’s time to satisfy it with this delicious sweet treat. You can make these candied pecans at home for yourself or give them as a gift.

Granulated Sugar

1. Put pecans in pot and turn stove to medium-high heat
2. Add just enough water to cover the bottom halves of the pecans
3. Add twice as much sugar as water
*Better to have too much sugar than too much water
*If in doubt, add more sugar. The leftover sugar will just crumble away and can be sifted out later
4. Add 4-5 pinches of cinnamon
5. Stir continuously until sugar crystallizes and becomes crumbly
*Will take about 15 minutes
6. Once this happens, remove from heat spread on baking tray, and let cool