These Kool-Aid Pancakes Are Loads Of Fun

What is your idea of the ideal breakfast? During the week, you might think about grabbing a protein bar or some type of shake as you are running out of the door for work. Many of us tend to skip breakfast when we are super busy during the week. On the weekend, however, it’s time to slow down and enjoy a great breakfast with your family. This recipe takes one of the favorite weekend breakfasts and makes it a lot of fun.

Is there anything quite as nice as sitting down behind a large stack of pancakes? I don’t know if it is the consistency or the sweet taste of the syrup but it just seems be one of those breakfast foods that crosses over into a comfort food. Thanks to this Kool-Aid pancake recipe, you can have all of the delicious flavors and fun of pancakes but they are made even more fun. After all, you end up with a stack of multicolored flapjacks. Life is good.



1 packet Kool-Aid drink mix, whatever flavor you like
4 cups pancake mix, plus ingredients required on box


Make the batter according to pancake mix directions, then add in the Kool-Aid drink mix in your desired flavor.

Preheat a large pan to medium heat.

Scoop out pancake batter and cook until bubbles appear towards the middle of the pancake. Flip, then continue cooking until done.

Serve immediately with desired toppings.