Indulge Your Inner Child In An Adult Way with These Smirnoff Skittles

There are all different types of treats that we may enjoy but sometimes, it is necessary to sit back and relax with an adult treat. That doesn’t mean, however, that we are necessarily interested in giving up that inner child that we may be carrying around with us as well. Fortunately, we have this recipe to fall back on and it is so much fun, you can’t help but do it with your friends.

Many of us have enjoyed skittles since we were very young and we can indulge that inner child with skittles put into Smirnoff bottles. This recipe is very simple to make but it is going to put together something quite fun. It gives us an adult beverage but at the same time, it comes in all the colors of the skittles rainbow. How cool is that?



6 Smirnoff Ice Originals
6 Flavors of Skittles


Sort your Skittles by flavor.

Drop 15-20 skittles into each Smirnoff Ice. The flavor and color will infuse quickly!